Welcome to my occasionally updated blog. Here I will be writing about things that catch my fancy, issues I think you should be concerned about, and general writerly things. For now, I would like to introduce you to my office partner, Tula. She is a rescue who is of unknown origins, but I would like to think that she comes from heaven, LIKE AN ANGEL. I will be honest, Tula is a terrible editor, but an amazing support system. Her primary goal, every day, is to make me happy. You can't really ask for a better co-worker. Now, you may have noticed that the image that accompanies this blog post portrays Tula with a very serious look on her face. That's because Tula thinks about literature all the time, like me, her office buddy. Right now she and I are in a very long conversation about the resurgence in popularity of the modernist Djuna Barnes, and also, how many chipmunks are living under the porch. Tula believes there are endless parades of chipmunks, I think there is just the one. So welcome! This is going to be fun. 

#amreading Nightwood

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