Editor and writer. Master of the red pen, holder of hands.



With seven years of editing experience, I can help you develop your work and consult you on how to get it out into the world. 


  • Developmental and Line Editing

  • Web Copywriting

  • Consulting

  • Special Projects*

*In addition to editing and writing I offer sliding scale rates on book coaching and publishing consulting. I also have a robust background in social media management, web design, and marketing, if you have a project in that field that you need help with, drop me a line. 

Photo by  Jeffrey Skemp

Photo by Jeffrey Skemp


Circuitous Route

I started my work life as a yeoman in the United States Coast Guard, pushing paper and recruiting on the south side of Chicago. The experience taught me discipline and solidified my love of travel, outreach, and working with youth. After leaving the Coast Guard at the age of 28 I concentrated on my education and writing life. I attend Columbia University where I majored in English.