Developmental Editing

For creative works, e.g. fiction, memoir, creative nonfiction, a developmental edit is an evaluation of plot, structure, characterization, and craft. For non-fiction, e.g. business writing and advice, a developmental edit is an evaluation of clarity, structure, and genre conventions. Developmental editing is a big-picture evaluation of your manuscript meant to give you all the tools you need to get to that next draft with the best possible guidance.


Line Editing

Line editing is a sentence level evaluation of language and clarity. This is for writers who feel as if their work has been through enough drafts and all of the elements of the book are present. 



I have been on editorial boards for literary and academic journals consistently since 2010, most notably as a current Story Editor for Paper Darts Magazine, and previously as the Assistant Managing Editor for Water~Stone Review. I will help you edit your work, CNF or Fiction, advise you on journals I think are appropriate for your piece, and help you craft a cover letter.



Most recently, I was the Author Engagement Director for Wise Ink Creative Publishing, a partner publisher. My job required me to project manage books from start to finish, which included marketing consulting, editing for genre conventions, and an emphasis on crafting narratives that would work in the marketplace. I will work with you on craft and advise you on marketability.



If you are an author that needs a partner to help you write your book, this it the place to find it. I can help you develop your work and keep you on task, something every writer needs. 


Sliding-Scale Consulting

If you are an emerging writer who has no idea where to start, I offer consulting for all income levels. I believe no one should be in the dark about their publishing options. Whether you are trying to find a journal to place a poem, or you are a business owner trying to decide if writing a book will help your brand, I can counsel you about where to start. 


Writing & Web Copy

Do you need a writer for a short form web copy or articles? I am happy to quote you for blogs, web content, and articles. Creative projects are always welcome. 



I occasionally do web and print design. Contact me about your project for samples.